Parties to a Deal

You’re working under time pressure. You need a financial model, and you need it right now. You need it to give you the right valuation, and to come as a standard spreadsheet that you can share with others, or that your team can modify as the deal changes.

Our service can quickly provide you with the model you need.

People relying on a model for a major decision

Your business is about to make a major investment or another critical decision. You have a financial model, but is it correct? An incorrect model could cost you millions and destroy your reputation or both.

Your model needs to be checked, and the only way to ensure that this is done properly is to produce a second model that you can use to compare the two sets of results.

In the real world, testing and checking are left until last. By then, there’s just not enough time to produce the second model you need, so most businesses use reviewers who simply check through the formulas in person. The reality is that this is simply less effective at spotting errors than a second model.

Time is of the essence, and we are here to help you. Lambda can make this process faster, easier and more accurate for you. We can produce a second model quickly, and compare it to your own model to identify differences.

Our service ensures that your risk management is exceptional, while also offering value for money and the reassurance that you need.