We know that our clients have questions about security, IP and other matters. The list below addresses the main ones we have had, but if you have a question that is not answered here please contact us.

  • What do I get at the end of the process?

    You get a working Excel model that has been specifically created for the particular requirements of your business.

  • What if I need to update the model after Lambda has finished work?

    We’ll provide your model as a standard Excel spreadsheet. It can be updated just like any other spreadsheet. You don’t need to come back to Lambda to make any changes to it.

  • What about IP?

    You keep all your existing IP, and have full rights to the model that we produce for you. We will never reuse or resell your bespoke model, and retain a copy only for our records.

  • How do you protect my confidential data and IP? Is your system secure?

    We use SSL encryption (as used for Internet banking sites) for our site, meaning all information to and from our site is private.

    For sharing documents with you, we use ShareFile. ShareFile is an industry-standard file-sharing system used by 99% of the Fortune 500. It comes with extensive security built in, including 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication (read more). Your files will be processed on computers with full-disk encryption. Files will be stored in the Republic of Ireland.

  • The models on your site are quite small compared to the ones I build. Can you build bigger ones?

    Absolutely. The models on our site are simple demos that we designed to be quick to download and explore. Our software can build extremely large models. In tests, we produced models with tens of millions of cells that were hundreds of MB in size. In fact, the only limiting factor is Excel’s ability to load and calculate the model, not our software!