An adaptable process

We have devised a very flexible process that can be adapted to suit the level of detail you need. We describe it below, or you can watch this short video to find out more.

We start by asking you which results you are interested in. For example, you might want to know the Net Present Value, and certain cover ratios, of your project under three scenarios. Or you might want to know how much Gross Domestic Product is likely to shift in response to a change in the oil price.

Every situation is unique, but the process is infinitely adaptable.

A straightforward approach

Once we know what the model’s results need to show – what you need the model for – we get started. We develop a draft model structure for you based on the results you require. Next, we discuss this draft with you, or work with you to develop the structure by degrees, at your office or remotely via video-conference. We usually do this by drawing a diagram that shows how the model’s logic flow will work, and discussing the key calculations with you.

Utterly bespoke and supplied quickly

Once we have agreed a structure for the model, we quickly produce a first draft and send it to you. Typically, this first draft suggests other things that should be in the model but that had not occurred to you before. Because we can turn models round very quickly, at this point we move rapidly from the first draft to a model that meets your specific requirements and that has been uniquely created for your business’s needs.

A reliable product that pays for itself

The final deliverable is a spreadsheet that does exactly what you need it to, along with a list of all the calculations in the model for your review and sign-off. These have been through multiple integrity checks, so you can be confident that the model does what you want it to.

Investing in a Lambda model will lead to tangible savings and risk-reduction for your business.

We offer a flexible pricing structure, and can accommodate your preference for a fixed price or a more flexible pay-per-hour approach.

If you are interested in talking about how a bespoke model can enhance your business, we’d love to talk. Call us today for free to discuss how we can help you. Or simply enter your email address below to sign up for our mailing list.