Our customised software, which produces bespoke models fine-tuned to the particular requirements of each of our clients, automates a great deal of the repetitive legwork in model-making. You can use it to avoid the errors that can creep in from the tedium of endless Excel-bashing, and concentrate on what matters most.

For years, we laboriously produced our own economic and financial models. From personal experience, we know how much time it can take to ensure that models are accurate and reliable. Even a small error can make a huge difference, sometimes with devastating impact.

On the basis of our experience, we designed software to enhance our own productivity and efficiency. When we saw what a huge difference this software made, we realised it could be useful to others too – so we set up Lambda.

In the real world, situations change all the time, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Our job is to translate your business or transaction into a model that can be easily changed as the situation develops:

  • You need a model that is clear and easy to use, rather than one that flaunts “clever” Excel tricks.
  • You need a model that stands up to interrogation. If you can’t interrogate a model, you can’t trust it.
  • You need a model that you can share with others – not one that’s provided in an obscure package that only a few people have.

If you are interested in talking about how a bespoke model can enhance your business, we’d love to talk. Please call us to discuss how we can help you.